aGuitar Pro

aGuitar Pro

Improve your guitar or bass skills and monitor your progress


  • Music sheets editor
  • Test on theory
  • Good resource to understand notes and accords


  • No simple mode display
  • Not so user friendly

Very good

What's better than learning to play a musical instrument to unwind from a busy day? Although my advice would be to take an instrument and start playing it learning bit by bit, more methodical and expert users may advise you to follow a guide and practice theoretical exercises.

aGuitar Pro lets you manage your guitar or bass progress with exercises on the notes and on the accords. There are many advanced lessons you can follow and surely it can be helpful for advanced students as a reference point. The program features testing tools to sample your knowledge of the harmonic world.
Unfortunately, I don't see it as an easy tool for beginners. This is because of the way information is displayed which seems to be too technical. It would have been good to have a simple mode display for beginners so to ease things when learning and testing basic notes.

The tab reader and tab editor are also interesting as they can modify or create music sheets with text and notes of your favourite songs. It would have been good to have a function to search for songs online in free databases, but you will have to do it manually.

aGuitar Pro can be useful to study and test your knowledge of guitar theory if you are already a medium experienced player. It also includes a tab reader and editor, which ease the transcription of songs for professionals.

aGuitar Pro is a computer software designed to improve musical skills of the bass/guitar player, as well as providing keys/scales/chords references, tablature tools, and midi tracks for practicing.

aGuitar Pro includes multiple tools a guitar player needs in a single program. You probably will need 3 or 4 guitar programs to have all the tools aGuitar Pro provides to you.


  • Easily browse scales and chords, and listen to them pressing the "play" button
  • Learn the chords that can be played on a given key. And listen to these chords by just clicking on them
  • Use the chord generator to view the different ways that a chord can be played along the fretboard
  • Learn the number of steps in an interval by using the "Intervals list"
  • Expand aGuitar Pro adding your custom scales/chords to the list
  • The midi band helps create your background tracks to practice your guitar playing. It supports 4 tracks (drums, piano, guitar, bass). With it you can create a practice song in a few minutes.
  • A complete set of tools to manage tablature files. Easily view and play your tabs using the "Tab Viewer", or create new ones using the "Tab Editor". Manage you collection of tabs using the "Tab Manager", sort them by album/artist or instrument.
  • If you have DirectX 8 installed on your computer, you can set aGuitar Pro to use the included sampled instruments sets. Listen to your tabs, chords, or exercises using real sounds from a "Gibson Les Paul" or a "Fender Stratocaster". (Thanks to "Tim Maffei" for providing the samples)

aGuitar Pro


aGuitar Pro

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